Spotswood Church History

Camp Meeting at Brighton
January 5-28, 1894
(Brighton, Hawthorn and Williamstown churches started up after the Camp Meeting)

Williamstown Church
Organized on September 1, 1894

Yarraville Church
Organized on August 8, 1903

Amalgamation of Williamstown and Yarraville churches, after a Mission held in Yarraville by Brother Alfred Bullas in 1920. Then became the:

Newport Church
Organized on January 17, 1920

Footscray Church
Organized on December 17, 1933

Amalgamation of Footscray and Newport churches:

Spotswood and District Church
Organized on February 21, 1948

Spotswood Church Building
Was built at 6 Robert Street, Spotswood
Civic Opening - July 12, 1953
Dedication - July 18, 1953

Seddon Church
In the mid 1950's immigrants from Yugoslavia and Europe came to live in Melbourne, and settled in the Western Suburbs. Seventh-day Adventist believers worshipped at Spotswood Church. A Yugoslav congregation was formed and organised in March, 1960. A church was built at Seddon, and it was dedicated in December, 1963.

Werribee Company - Church
All S.D.A. members living in Werribee used to attend church at either Geelong, Seddon, or Spotswood. The Werribee company was formed and organised at Werribee. Sabbath services began on February 18, 1995. A Church building was built and it was dedicated for worhsip in December, 2001.

Written by Sister Yvonne, our Church Historian.